Welcome to Sharpsburg Bible Church
Welcome to Sharpsburg Bible Church

History of Faith-based Christian teaching of Sharpsburg Bible Church

SBC since 1872 to present has been a Faith-based Christian teaching church , serving the LORD and community for 148 years.


 The church was formed in 1872 and incorporated in 1878.  Samuel W. Naille led the move to add on to the church in 1879. 


In 1938, the Sharpsburg Church of God was torn down and the congregation moved to the location at 125 W. Main Street.


According to history, that building was taken over by federal troops during the battle of Antietam and used as a hospital.  The pews were torn out and used for coffins for the dead soldiers.


In 1966 the former Sharpsburg Church of God withdrew form the Maryland and Virginia Eldership.


In 1980, they started to build the current church on the corner of Antietam and Potomac Streets in Sharpsburg.

Church photo 1934





Church was organized and was located on North Potomac Street, Sharpsburg, Maryland

The Eldership of churches gave $968.40 to build the first Sharpsburg Church.

Church Pastors: 1873 - 1925

C.L. Amy 1873   John Johnson 1895   Rev. Reynolds 1909
A.W. Philhour 1876, 1883-1885, 1900   M.R. Cross 1896-1899   M.S. Shimp 1907-1908
S.W. Naille 1878-1880   W.H. Engler 1901   Rev. Reynolds 1909
J.W. Kipe 1881-1882, 1889   B.K. Betts 1902-1903   S.A. Kipe 1910-1911, 1925
S.J. Montgomery 1886, 1893-1894, 1906   J.R. Carter 1904   J.L. Coffman 1912-1913
A.S. Poisal 1887-1888   B. Craft 1905   P.D. Cunningham 1914-1917
Rev. Lockinghill 1890-1892   M.S. Shimp 1907-1908   G.E. Masser/H.S. Churchey 1918-1924
Church photo 1938





Congregation relocated to 125 West Main Street, Sharpsburg, Maryland

Relocated to the old Methodist Church - purchased for $500.00.

Church Pastors: 1926 - 1977

C.W. Fink 1926-1942   David Ring 1952-1958   H.W. Churchey 1965-1973
J.K. Stevens 1942   Paul Hawbaker 1959-1961, 1973-1977      
W.A. Herpich 1943-1951   John Gossert 1962-1965      
Church photo 1984



Congregation built a new church located at the corner of Antietam/Potomac Streets, Sharpsburg, Maryland


New Fellowship Hall was built

2013 - 2015

Church Addition and Remodel of Church Sanctuary


Church Pastors: 1977 to Present

Gene W. Renner

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