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Welcome to Sharpsburg Bible Church

Missionary Focused Sharpsburg Bible Church: Missionaries



 Bringing the hope of Christ by partnering with local and world-wide missionaries.  The church currently supporting fifteen different missionaries from as far as Africa to our local communities and organizations.  Sharpsburg Bible Church is a missionary focused church through and through, wanting to reach EVERY man, woman, and child throughout the world and our community by being a light for Christ.        Remember to keep our missionaries in your thoughts and prayers as they are reaching others for Christ.

Asirvatham & Esther Ayyavu

Nationalist Pastor involved in evangelism, children's ministry and youth ministry in India.

Tom & Danielle Brendle

Training missionaries to do Tribal Church Planting in countries worldwide.

Daniel & Betty Cummings

Ministering in Laredo Texas.

Thom & Carolyn Cunningham

Partnering with local churches in the USA and Europe through teaching seminars.

Rev. Kenneth & Joyce Symes

Proclaiming the Messiah, Preaching the Word, and praying for Israel.

Henry & Jessy Kunda

Nationalist bible teacher and evangelist in Zambia, Africa.

Jeavers & Josephine Musonda

Nationalist bible teacher and evangelist in Zambia, Africa.

Dave & Debbie Nunemaker

Teaching the Word to local church leaders in Asia and France.

Steve & Julie Nunemaker

Training God's servants in West and Central French-speaking Africa.

George Rundle

Training pastors to reach their people with the Gospel of Christ.

Sharon Silvey

Building strong Mexico Bible-believing churches with our Christian young people.

Matthew 28:19

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Camp Tohiglo

Camp to the Fellowship of Bible Churches.

Hagerstown Rescue Mission

Christ based emergency shelter, transitional housing, family assistance, and hot meals.

Hagerstown Area Pregnancy Clinic

Saving one baby at a time.

Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission

Not willing that any should perish

II Peter 3:9

A Christian missionary is a person who dedicates his or her life to fulfilling the Great Commission: to preach the Gospel, baptizing and making disciples (https://www.bible.com/bible/1/MAT.28.19-20.KJV). Often, the missionary will spread the Gospel while performing a practical service, such as working at an orphanage, teaching in missionary schools, teaching national people to be ministers, or providing medical care. There are as many different types of jobs in missions as there are in normal life. Some are translators, some pilots, and others help trafficking victims recover.  

It takes a particular type of person to choose to spend a lifetime reaching those who desperately need Jesus but don't want to learn about Him. Missionaries must be very certain that Jesus means more to them than worldly things, and bringing others to Jesus is more important than comfort. 

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